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Biochron, artistic archiving

Biochron en Vlindertuin Emmen

At the moment i am researching on how to capture and archive this building, because of the upcomming demolition. The old zoo, situated in the city of Emmen and now called the Rensenpark due to its former initiators, is turned into a public park.
The Biochron, where the story of the human evolution was told, is still visited by a lot of people because of the art galleries that are situated there, which my atelier is being part of. Over the past year I spoke with a lot of these visitors that came from various regions and also from Germany. They were always telling me about their precious memories on the old zoo, and also asking where to find the former garden of butterflies. So I took them to the back of my studio from were you can still see the remains of this garden. Not a peticulairy pretty sight now, because it was left unattended.

The local gouvernement has decided on the demolishing of the Biochron because of the bad state it is in. It will probably take place within a year. Instead there are plans for a new multi functional building and a wide entrance to the park.
I will not argue on this decision, but i think, being a really big part of recent history, the Biochron in some way must get the place that it deserves. To be honest, I think it largely defines the actual identity of the city and in particularly its residents.

Moulding and isolating details

A catalogue of elements (prototype)

trees, a collection

In recent years I have walked a lot through the Drenthe and Groningen landscape. This has created a fascination for trees, with their irregular shapes and structures.
A tree forms over the years under the influence of the weather, other environmental factors and human intervention. A tree is tactile. And a tree is history, time and story.
This project is a research on capturing what you sense and experience, rather than a (formal) registration.

Bennekom, jan – july 2020

Collection 2017 – 2019

In relation to this i am also researching slideshows as a method to create impact by ‘slow watching’. For this I use a Polaroid Digital Palette HR 6000, with which I can make slides from digital photos. I got it working by connecting it to an old school Power Mac G4 with OS 9.

Polaroid Digital Palette HR 6000